The Process

By charging, mental and emotional blockages are eliminated. This allows the mind to experience a natural powerful healing, as well as the body. A healthy mind allows the brain to function clearly and to be at peace with the body.

Charging works. When charging the mind one is connected to one’s self and one’s surroundings. This enables a person not to be psychologically dependent on others.

There is a core to one’s being. What is the core of your being? Have you ever experienced it? Does it change from day to day?

The Mind Experience finds the core, the essence. In this way a powerful and harmonious feeling becomes part of our everyday life.

We do individual sessions, group courses and business courses.

In society today doctors often refer patients suffering from emotional problems to psychiatrists. Too many people are on medication and this has become a huge problem. The inability of people to heal naturally has led to a massive industry run by lucrative pharmaceutical companies. Pills have become the quickest cure but the repercussions and side effects of these pills are severe.

We were made to feel pleasure and pain, the positive and the negative. Our fears and anxieties need to be experienced and understood just as we enjoy our pleasures.
Numbing the pain through medication causes major problems. The more numb we become the less we are able to feel who we are.

The process of charging makes minds that have become numb able to feel again, bodies that have become numb able to heal again.

Repetitive thoughts, overthinking, interfere with sleep and build up stress.

We need to understand our thoughts, their demands, how they make us feel and how they control our lives. Resistance is the key. We need to follow the shape of our resistance and find out where it leads to.

Repetitive thinking, our conditioning from childhood, depletes our energy system. When we realise that we are caught in this vicious cycle, the process of never ending thoughts slows and calms and stops controlling us. Then we are able to regain our power and become more in tune with our feelings and ourselves: centered; energised; and thinking clearly. This boosts the immune system.

Our process teaches one how to experience thought at a deeper level. This allows us to uncover the layers within and to experience who we really are.

What is not taught in society today is that the brain heals the body and mind. When physically damaged, the body heals itself. We seldom give our brain the chance to heal because our minds are full of clutter.

The most valuable treasure in life is Peace of Mind. We are born with it. Children experience it naturally. It is what we call innocence.

Do you remember the feeling of innocence from childhood? The sounds, smells, tastes of youth? Do you want it back? It is your right. And it can be yours for the rest of your life.

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