The Developer


I was born with a natural healing gift. Having spent many years at the stock exchange, i was left with a great deal of stress. I was forced to find a way to heal myself as none of the options available in the health market worked for me. It took 13 years to discover and process this natural healing technique. The Power Within. The inner way that leads to the essence. The Power of Self. A direct way to connect with Nature’s healing force.

This is exactly what The Mind Experience is all about, finding a way to connect with one’s core, one’s essence. When this takes place one automatically connects to the Life Force and a new energy appears. It is pure, uplifting and wonderful.


The POWER, no matter how we define it, manifests itself in the form of energy. The energy flow is tremendous as it forms and holds all life together.

We deplete our energy levels by constant repetitive thinking. It is this which disconnects us from ourselves and our surroundings. We prevent the energy from moving freely and expanding within us by blocking the pain, negativity and fear.

Energy, like water, needs to flow naturally but we are always separating and disconnecting ourselves from this expanding natural energy because that is our conditioning and upbringing. That is why it is so vitally important to let our feelings flow, especially the negative ones. In this way each and every feeling (emotion) is allowed to build up its natural flow. That is how the energy expands daily until the intensity is so great that pockets of explosions take place.

Out of this a new consciousness starts to emerge, take shape, shift, form and develop slowly with a rock-like foundation. This is The Mind Experience.

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