“After having a nervous breakdown a few years ago, I was diagnosed as bipolar by 4 doctors/psychiatrists at a hospital in the Cape and put on heavy medication for a year.

The following year i went to The Mind Experience for treatment and i was taken off my medication slowly. After 4 months i was taken off all my medication, Lithium (Camcolit) , Seroquel and sleeping tablets. It has been 14 months now that i am free of medication pills. I live a normal life and i no longer require prescribed drugs to get me through the day and i am able to sleep again. I am enjoying life”

Mrs. Dee Delaney

“Thank you so much for today. It was such a pleasure to meet you, and we are already feeling the healing. Even Jasmine is doing so much better tonight. There’s a grace over our home, we love the mind experience”



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