Our Product


By creating an awareness of certain natural, simple and powerful techniques the Mind Experience enables people to heal naturally.


In this process we pay attention to our thoughts and their interaction with emotion. Our past interacting with our present.

We need to understand our thoughts, their demands, how they make us feel and how they control our lives.

Charging is a natural and powerful process. When we charge we allow whatever is going on inside us to be explored and experienced. We become aware of our mind in motion, as our subconscious layers get uncovered by the discovery of who we are.  This process, as far as we are aware, is unique.


We believe in living without the need for substances, medication or psychological dependency. All of our healing techniques are natural.

Stress is the main cause of illness. It attacks the body’s central nervous system and depletes the immune system. When our mental and emotional problems are not addressed, stress levels increase and often lead to depression and health problems.

A healthy mind allows the brain to function clearly and to attend to the body in a powerful way.

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