Business Course

We supply the necessary tuning to make Managers highly productive, content and alert by sharpening their minds, developing common sense and dealing with stress and personal issues, which interfere in the workplace.


Managers learn how to:

  • Think clearly.
  • Expend energy and time on sound company policy.
  • Communicate with one another in a harmonious and productive way
  • Communicate with employees fairly and efficiently
  • Delegate responsibility in a fair and effective manner

Individual Sessions

1 on 1 sessions with managers to find out where the mental and emotional blockages occur and to eliminate these blockages and restore productive and efficient work flows.

In each of the sessions, every person has the opportunity to express himself / herself openly and honestly, within the structure of company policy.

Group Sessions:

Group dynamic sessions with the full management team, to open up the channels of communication and to observe and eliminate mental blockages.


  • Increase Awareness
  • Eliminate Stress
  • Heighten Productivity
  • Cope with Pressure
  • Minimize Sick Leave

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